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Please find the two sets of photos below: one from Bill and the other from me! Mr F

Arizona Quigg
Arizona 2011

Day 6 – Last Word

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Firstly can I thank everyone who had contributed to this blog, and all of you who have taken the time to read and comment on it. I have been hugely impressed by what the students have written and fascinated by their reactions to each new day. This has been a truly eye opening trip. Who would have imagined just a week ago what would be in store for us. Each day has brought new delights and surprises. The stunning variation of the landscape, from baking desert to snow capped mountains. The sweltering heat of the Tucson plain to the cool mountain air of Flagstaff's 7000ft plateau. The friendliness of the Arizona locals and their willingness to share their history with us, from Rock Art Ranch to the Navajo Nation?? we have met some extraordinary people.

It is difficult to define my favourite part of this trip, as you have seen, there have been so many memorable moments. However, whether sitting in the quiet solitude of Canyon de Chelly, marvelling at Anasazi ruins; battling with a stubborn horse and my inability to actually kick it hard enough (had visions of my disappearing off into the sunset at full gallop); or the privilege of watching Dine dancing and hearing their stories of the 4 worlds; the whole experience has been truly mind changing. The overriding theme however has been one of friendship and good company. I think this is the memory which will last a lifetime.

All of this has not happened by chance and I need to thank Miss Devey, Katie at EA, Lesley our guide and our coach driver, Ed for making all of this work smoothly. Miss Devey has helped me to keep on top of counting and obsessive passport checking (s will s being a great support). Lesley had been fantastic and I am sure you have seen that the students (and staff) will miss her now she has flown back to Montana. Ed has also been brilliant, getting us everywhere safely and taking us to some spectacular places off the beaten track. Finally I would also like to thank all the students who have been a delight to spend the week with. They have been a credit to themselves and the school.

I have now rambled on too long so I will sign off by saying that I think we have all been truly bitten by the Western bug. Maybe Worster is correct when he talks of the unique western identity and how it is formed by the land, we all certainly feel changed by out experience. In any case I don't think it will be long before we saddle up and head back out. Watch out Arizona. Yee haw!

Mr F

Day 6 – Reflections

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The following are some reflections from the students on their Arizona visit. Enjoy!

This trip has quite simply been the best school trip I’ve been on.  Everyday has been both fun and enlightening for me and I thank all those involved in leading and organising it, you’ve been great! As an enthusiastic geographer and historian this was the perfect trip for me; the Arizona landscape was stunning.  Covering so many miles in five days, we got to observe some of the most spectacular geology.  What was most special about this trip though was the fact that it oozed education and history which we absorbed sometimes without knowing it.  I was, in a slightly ‘Turnerian’ way, touched by the landscape, the people and the history of the area.  Thank you so much!!! ~ Rob.

This trip has definitely been a once in a life time experience, it has been so enjoyable, I’ve loved every minute of it and would happily do it all again given the chance! Loved meeting new people, everyone has been amazing. ~ Hayley 🙂

This trip has been one of the best experiences ever. I have loved learning about the Navajo beliefs and have found everything very interesting. Visiting the grand canyon was just unreal for me and I probably speak for the rest of the group on this. Canyon de Chelly was just as good and everyone has got amazing photos. I would like to say a massive thank you to the teachers who supervised us and put up with us for the week. In addition, I would like to say a massive thank you to Lesley our tour guide and Ed our driver for the week, we all really appreciate the effort put into this trip! ~ Laura 🙂

Im so greatful to have been given the opportunity to go on the Arizona trip, its been one of the best experiences and the best school trip. Ive enjoyed being part of the school group and meeting new people. Also, learning about the Native American culture, visiting the Grand Canyon and horse riding at the ranch! Thank you to the teachers, our tour guide Lesley and others involved for making it possible… ~ Savannah:)

Hi:) its Renal. I can’t believe its over… So many memories and good times, hard to believe we went to Arizona! This opportunity was theee best ever and I enjoyed myself ALL OF THE TIME. Horse riding in the desert was insane, seeing the grand canyon was unbelievable, the Navajo dancing was mind blowing, this trip as a whole was such a pleasure to be part of! We are all grateful to the individuals that made our dreams a reality. Yeah buddy;) Renal:p

Its been a fantastic experience and we would do it all over again. ~ Bill, Pip and Hannah Montana

It was amazing, we learnt a lot, had loads of fun and we loved Lesley. So sorry its over because it was a great experience. Talking to the modern Native Americans made the history really come alive. The grand canyon and the general geography of Arizona was spectacular. Apart from the brief heatstroke I enjoyed myself the whole time I’ve been here, the horse riding was really fun and we also loved the re-enactment and particularly the Indian dancing.  were all so glad we’ve had this opportunity and thank you so much to sir and miss for making this trip special. ~ Love from Alex x Lidi x and Amy

Best trip ever!!! Had a brilliant time in Arizona, should’ve  been a two week trip! The ranch was brilliant, and I learnt so much about the American West and the Native American culture. I WANT TO LIVE IN ARIZONA!!! ‘In our language, we have no word for sorry, because we do nothing we should be sorry for’. ‘What do say when you bump into someone accidentally?’.  ‘Get out of my way!’ ~ Owain 😀

Arizona has certainly been an amazing trip, where I’ve seen things I never thought id see (the Grand Canyon) and done things i never thought id do (ride a horse across the Wild West). But what has truly made this trip are the people I have spent it with, from the locals who were always friendly, the other pupils on the trip, who can certainly be described as “interesting” and the teachers, giving up their spare time to allow us the opportunity to go to a place as awesome as Arizona. ~ Nathan

Arizona has been AMAZING. Definitely the best school trip. We learnt so much about the American culture whilst also visiting some beautiful locations. The ranch was sooo much fun and having the chance to ride across the desert is something I will never forget. Visiting the various canyons and the living heritage museum was also spectacular!! The company was also fantastic and the teachers managed to remain calm, even when people were near the edges of the grand canyon. Thank you for an awesome trip. ~ Sally

Amazing trip, that no one will forget….the only time they will is if they become ill.  Full of jokes, laughs tears and smiles. Not to mention the brill fun we had ‘loping’ and herding cattle, looking at the vast natural beauty of the cacti and mountain terrain, the spectacular rock formations, seeing one, of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and most of all realising that there are religious beliefs of the, Navajo, that, actually make, sense and don’t contradict each other ! So a big thank you to our American mum Lesley and our very own wonderful history teachers ! ~ By Samantha

This week has been amazing – Arizona is such a beautiful state and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Thank you to all who made the trip so wonderful including our teachers and the lovely Lesley. It’s hard to capture the past week in pictures or words, even the most beautiful photos do not do it justice. I have learnt so much and have been amazed every time I looked out of the bus window. Thanks again, Jenny.

Arizona has been amazing and it has become clear just how lucky we have been to experience it first-hand from the huge and overwhelming grand canyon to the small and personal traditions of the Navajo people, words cannot begin to describe what effect the place has on you. the experience was only made possible through the hard work of HGS History Department so thank you but what was a good trip was made amazing thanks to our superb tour guide Lesley, there were tears from both sides as we parted at the airport. Role on the next trip, it has provided memories that will last beyond a lifetime ! ~ Callum F

What can I say about our trip to the American West? I can sum it up in one word – awesome! The scenery has been spectacular – almost every view from the coach window was like a scene from a film! Being a cowgirl for a day was an experience I’ll never forget and breakfast in the desert was the most amazing location I’ve ever eaten in. Meeting a Navajo family and spending time in an Indian school on the rez were unique experiences and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity. A massive thank you to Mr Ford for organising such an amazing trip, and also to the students who have been brilliant – even tiredness and heat stroke couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm and general all – round cheerfulness. Howdy y’all, Miss D x

If I could have anything in the world right now it would be that instead of being sat on a plane I would be spending another night  in Arizona with the most amazing people ever (yes Ford and Devey that includes you as well!) These past 7 days have been the most incredible time I’ve had in my entire life and words cannot describe everything we’ve experienced. It has to be said tha
t one thing made it all even better: LESLEY!! I have learnt so much in the last 5 days here and even thought I’m on the way back to a rainy H’gate to be a sixth form student again in my heart I will always be woody the cowgirl and one day I will be back in these awesome places again 🙂 the entire trip seems surreal and only the thousands of photos offer the proof. So thank you again to everyone who organised, paid, drove, laughed, looked after and generally put up with us this week. This is the only way to study history. I will never forget it. ~ Charlotte.

Lesley ❤ Arizona 2011

Day 5 PM – Grand Canyon

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Today we went to the grand canyon and it was amazing. Although Ive seen loads of footage of the canyon on tv, it was still overwhelming seeing it in life. Because I think everyone had underestimated the size of it, it was even more impressive. It was amazing to think that the native americans couldve possibly navigated across even parts of it. Im really glad we had the opportunity to see it, particularly as it was the last vist we went on this week, it was a really good finish for the trip.



Day 5 AM – Tuba City

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Today we went to Tuba city,first we visited an interactive museum about native american culture. It was really interesting, they told us about the different clans. Then we went to grand canyon which was mind blowing, I dont think any of us were expecting it to be as incredible as it was! The view was picture perfect, the whole experience, but best of all was mr fords facial expression when we got more than a metre to the edge..classic. We also got the chance to do a spot of shopping at the cameron trading centre, I think we are all now officially broke!.bb



Tonight, we visited the Navajo village near Page! We first watched three Din?? (navajo) dancers perform various dances including the butterfly and grass dances. After we split into two groups and saw presentations on both weeving rugs and the hoogans
(houses) the navajo people live in. I asked a lady what my name was in navajo but they translate them depending on your personality. So being tall they told me and my friend sav that my name was sasinez which means 'tall women'. The night was so much fun and we learnt so many new things about the navajoh nation.

Thanks mr ford and miss devey for taking us …yeaaahh budddyy
From becky pye 11chl x

After we visited Window Rock it was now time to visit firstly Canyon de Muerto and then Canyon de Chelly.  As soon as the first canyon came into view we all started to take pictures in rapid succession.  But the best views were to be seen once off the bus and boy were they good.  The huge drop just inches in front of us made the experience feel ever more surreal, so much so that we struggled to find words to describe it.  In this particular canyon were the ancient remains of a native settlement  built into the side of it which looked tiny from the viewpoint.  After we had enjoyed the views and taken some fantastic photos it was time to visit the Canyon de Chelly which we viewed from several different points along it.  Once again awesome sights greeted us and we could see another small remnant of ancient native settlement.  What is especially exciting was the fact that these canyons are much smaller than the much larger Grand Canyon which we are looking forward to visiting tomorrow.  A simply amazing day.



This morning we had the exciting opportunity to visit a Navajo school named St Micheal's which is the oldest running school in the Navajo nation; founded in 1902. We were guided round the school by Brother Charles who taught us the background of the school, like how it was set up by Mother Katharine Drexel to educate Native Americans and Black Americans after the slave trade was abolished but education rights were still poor. Brother Charles showed us the kindergartens (receptions) where they sang us a song about pumpkins which was super cute. We then observed a history class in which the students were learning about the industrial revolution. We also went into an english class where they were studying Macbeth and one of the students spoke in the Navajo language to us after Callum read an extract from Macbeth to the class. After our trip to the school, we went to Window Rock, which is a significant landscape in the captial of Navajoland. We took photos and bought jewellery from a local Native. Whilst at Window Rock we also saw a statue comperating the Navajo code talkers from world war two as well as the Navajo equvilant of the White House.




The real American diner experience! Portion size is proving to be a culture shock!

Today we left flagstaff to head towards rock art ranch, seeing lots of fasinating sights along the way including a 50 carrage cargo train. Once we got to rock art ranch we were greeted by Brantley and Torrey who took us down into the canyon, they showed us all of petroglyphs which were fascinating. All of the petroglyphs had stories behind. After we looked at the canyon we went to a different part of the ranch to eat our lunch, we ate our lunch in a barn with all different artifacts which were from the 5000 acre plot. Once we ate our lunch we learnt about the artifacts and also took a little bit of the ranch (petrified wood).


Today we left Flagstaff to travel to the Rock Art Ranch and Canyon, a glorious pocket of ancient beauty hidden from the public eye. As we climbed down the rocks into the canyon we were struck by the walls' petroglyphs. Everywhere we looked new images jumped out at us. Herds of deer, hunting parties, and some things we could only guess at. It was a truly beautiful place. We left for the ranch, just up the road. We had our lunch, and looked at the interesting artifacts that the owners had collected. After taking a look at the large selection of petrified wood on the ranch, we hit the road again, heading for Fort Defiance!