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Year 11 have just returned from their trip to the battlefields of Ypres and the Somme. The trip was particularly poignant this year as we all mark the centenary of the beginning of the world’s first truly global conflict. Students were able to experience first-hand the conditions of the trenches, and we able to visit the graves of those countless soldiers who fell in the line of duty between 1914 and 1918. During the visit we were able to find some visceral links with the past by visiting a number of graves and memorials to the relatives of students, as well as the memorials to a number of men who once lived in Guiseley. This was an incredibly powerful experience, with some students making the first ever pilgrimage to a particular grave.

Photos of the trip can be found HERE.

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Below are some of the comments from the students about the trip:

The trip really gave me a feel of life during the war! A great experience with fab people. The German graveyard was very emotional!- Maddie, Phoebe, Amelia and Georgia

Such a good trip and the company made it even better! I have grasped more of an understanding what each country went through during the First World War! Loved it<3- Cinzia, Lucy, Emma, Ellie

The trip gave us different perspectives from different countries and feel like the trip has benefited our understanding and knowledge of the First World War. We loved it, especially the company with all friends including Dunnyboy (AKA Mr DUNN)!!!- Leigh-Anna and “the girl that eats a lot” (quotation of Dunnyboy) Megan!) by Megan “by ‘eck kid”.


Definitely glad we came on the trip. The differences between the German and allied cemeteries gave us a lot to think about and we learned about different aspects of the war then we do in the classroom. Bryony, Katie

The best school trip we have ever been on at Guiseley School. It was good that we were able to visit so many places. It has brought us closer to new people and we loved it:) – Aimee and Jess

Made us understand the reality of the war and the impacts it had on Europe. Educational and fun trip, would do it all again!! (With wifi of course). Great time, thank you! – Lauren and Becci


The trip was very good, it made us understand more about the World War and the conditions they lived in. It also brought people a lot closer. Overall we really enjoyed the trip- Millie and Charlotte 🙂

Was very informative and also fun, a very good experience of the First World War, I would come again. The most interesting thing was learning about all the different cemeteries and memorials on both sides, Germany and Britain. Joe & Cieran.


It made us understand the First World War on a deeper level and also understand the loss and effect it had on people. Visiting all the different cemeteries was also very interesting and emotional, so when we visited the German cemetery you really saw the contrast. Although we would of enjoyed a little longer in Belguim. Natasha & Olivia & Joe Richardson & Joe Moyes.

It opened our eyes to the struggle the soldiers went through and the sacrifice people made for such little ground made. It was emotional when you looked at the graves and saw a person standing there in uniform with a name a family and once a life instead of seeing a grave. The trip was amazing and a very proud experience. “Do you wants two meet our commanding officer? RON GET OVER HERE!!!” Conner & Jonny


This trip has been an eye opener for me because it helped me to understand the sheer magnitude of the First World War and the atrocities committed in it by both sides both during and after, from the utter destruction of the gas attacks from the Germans, to how mistreated the fallen German soldiers were. There were 24,917 soldiers buried in the same space as an English classroom. Javed