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Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The trip to Berlin and Amsterdam was my first school trip. I was totally dreading it! I thought the food would be vile (some of it wasn’t great) [I am not sure what the issue with the "white meal" was…Mr F]


But despite a few issues, we still had a bunch of fun! The girls I shared a room with were in the year below, but they were the nicest people i could have hoped to share late night gossips with!


The trip started with a 10 hour coach drive to Berlin.The journey was made considerably better by the constant ‘hash tagging’ from Mr Pepper, the cynical words of Jamaal, and the fact that i had a full sized pillow. We arrived at the hotel at around 8.30pm, an hour late. We were all starving and couldn’t wait to eat a decent meal. ‘Decent’ is a very generous title to give the food that was served to us that night… As i approached the front of the queue , i was handed a plate with over cooked boiled potatoes , peas and carrots that were a shade of grey and contained no vitamins what so ever… [Ellie goes off on a bit of a food rant here – I think I will let you ask her for the full unedited details if you want 🙂 Mr F]

Day 3 and 4 was getting to know a bit more about Berlin as a city and the history behind the buildings. The Holocaust memorial was especially moving and the Stasi prison was very eye opening. I really enjoyed visiting places like the Wannsee Villa that i had previously learn about in my GCSE course.

Overall , the trip was an incredible experience , made better by the staff that came. Oh , an of course by Chris! I will think back to the trip with fond memories.

– Ellie

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