Battlefields 2013 – Coach 1 – Day 2 PM (24th May) – Students’ Blogs from the Somme

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Some of the students’ comments from the morning of Day 2 ~Mr F

Today has been a wonderful experience,rainy and cold but completely worth it! The ferry and coach journey is such a laugh (bare bants) [is that a real term? Mr F]. The first cemetery we visited just now was very pretty and touching. I found it quite upsetting and shocking that most of the graves said ‘known unto God’. A totally different experience from Katie and Lauryn’s dancing the previous evening at the disco on the ferry. I think both students and teachers are still trying to get over it. I’m having so much fun and can’t wait for the rest of trip!


Cafe Culture?

Cafe Culture?

This trip has been really worth it so far! We began with the ferry which, although rocky, was great fun. We then drove to the first cemetery where we stopped to have a look around. It was hard. The cemetery was in very good condition which showed how much people cared. I found it very hard-hitting as the graves only represented a small percentage of all the deaths and it put into scale the full horrors of the war. It was very upsetting when it showed unknown graves and I thought how awful it would be to be unknown to the world after giving up so much. It really highlighted how amazing some people are and that aside from all the negatives we hear about today there are always those who will risk all they have to protect others. It has really touched me.



Andrew’s Relative’s Grave – Somme Region

It’s hard to explain, to be honest. You’re just so overwhelmed by everything, and it hits you hard. We’ve all learnt about these things in school but seeing the aftermath, firsthand, and how many people that the countries lost is incredibly sad. It was an amazing experience though – we visited graves of people we were related to and in the missing soldiers memorial we found people with same last names as us, which made it even more real. There was a chance we were related to some of these people, and the fact that they are lost in the battlefields is hard to deal with. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I’ve had so much fun so far and it’s put everything into perspective for us.


Newfoundland Park - Somme

Newfoundland Park – Somme

Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme

Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme

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