Battlefields Day 4 – 3rd June 2012

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During day 3 we visited a range of sites around the Ypres Salient including: Messines Ridge, Bayernwald Trenches, Hooge Crater Cemetery and the Menin Gate. Sadly Coach 1 did not get time to visit Essex Farm or Langemark German Cemetery due to the number of students with relatives to visit. However we were able to stop at some of these closer cemeteries and memorials to and this was a very powerful experience. All the students made a real effort to be part of these personal visits, conducting their own memorial ceremonies at the sites. They have been a real credit to the school. Here are some final thoughts for you.

Mr Ford



Hello everyone. Today we have been all over. We started off in France and now in Belgium. We saw German trenches but they have been altered slightly because they got rewind and they are from the 1st WW. Then we went on to Chester Farm cemetery to see my great, great grandad’s grave. It was really emotional. I am the first person to see the grave from my family,so it make it extra special. We then went on to see more war grave yards. One of which is where Alex Taylor’s grate uncles grave stone was. Finally we went on to see a massive war grave yard (Tyne Cott). It was truly shocking how many graves there were.- Carla Addyman


Tired šŸ˜¦ but good day šŸ˜€ loving the Belgian chocolate : D



Also tired and had a good day, laid down a wreath for my relative and it was pretty good šŸ™‚   


This trip has been very successful and highly interesting, as I have learnt things I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t come on this trip. It has been a great experience, big shout out to Mr Ford for making this happen:) Chris Petty


Hi there my name is Will and this trip for me has been a real success. The trip itself was really good i think it was a really great experience. The tour guide was good and the way he described things made me see the battle fields how the soldiers of WW1 saw it. The best bit for me was when we went to see the massive crater because for me that was a real eye opener and shows what devastation war can cause. Also a big shout out to my main men Hakan, Chris, Ed, Susanna,Louisa and don’t forget Mike and Henry, they come as a pair. 


When we arrived, I didn’t really know what to expect. Although Belgium and France looked and felt the same as England it had a sort of peaceful atmosphere. However, as our Tour Guide/ Historian began to explain what brutal conflicts took place I found it hard to believe  and could almost picture where and how the trenches were laid out. I also thought it was good to be able to go round to different cemeteries and pay respects to some relatives of students. Altogether I have really enjoyed this experience .D.F.


I had a good trip. I had lots of fun and learnt a lot more about the first world war. I also got to see where my great uncle is buried. This trip has helped me to understand how many people died .A.T.


We had a really good trip and lots of fun, it was also interesting to see/learn about the places, I think we have all really enjoyed it.-Martha


Great trip. Lots of travelling but well worth it. I was surprised to hear about and see the scale of devastation and death that happened in ww1. It was also good to pay respects to other peoples own relatives and hear about their own stories too. Matt M


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