Battlefields Start of Day 3 – 2nd June 2012

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Some more thoughts from Year 9. During day 2 we visited sites around the Somme region of France including the Thievaal Memorial, Gordon Dump Cemetary (where Donald Bell VC is buried) and Lochnagar Crater to name but a few. We also made a detour to visit the grave of Ellie Short’s relative en route. 

Mr Ford



I’ve enjoyed the trip so far, the ferry was the best bit. It was sad to see all the graves but I learnt a lot. Going to Ypres today, and then going back home on the ferry.

Lucy x


This trip has been really good. I got to see my great,great uncle Arthur Burn’s grave. It was really nice to see it and it was very moving. Also I got given a poppy wreath to lay on his grave which was sweet. This trip has been amazing and is definitely worth going on 🙂



I’ve really liked the trip so far. The ferry was really good and the graves were really interesting.



This trip has been lots of fun and our guide is very knowledgable. I have learnt a lot and has made me think. I am looking forward for the rest of the day!

Inez 🙂



I’m really enjoying this trip, the ferry was a lot of fun and seeing all the cemetery’s was really interesting. It’s been really interesting to see where all the trenches were and how it would have looked through a soldiers eyes. It’s been very powerful but enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the day!





This trip has been really good so far and I’m really enjoying it! I Hate boats and I went on one but it wasn’t that bad! Yesterday was really good because when we went to see the cemeteries it came to life how many people actually died! I’m excited for the rest of the trip and I have learnt a lot!

Sophia 🙂


I have really enjoyed the trip so far and I have learnt a lot. Yesterday was really good and I thought it was really good when we went to see Ellie Short’s relative at one of the graveyards.  I’m looking forward to today and seeing more. I’m also looking forward to the ferry tomorrow. The weather has been quite nice and sunny:)

Abby x


The trip has been really good and it’s been really interesting learning about the cemeteries and memorials and the ferry was fun. It’s been good weather so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the trip:)




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