Battlefields Start of Day 2 – 1st June 2012

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Welcome to the HGS Battlefields Tour 2012. I have asked the students to write small blog posts as we have gone around this year. I hope you enjoy reading their thoughts as they progress through the trip. 

Mr Ford

Pictures HERE



Ferry was really fun ( would have rather gone on a plane ) food was quite nice. Just been to service station and think that food is quite pricey! But anyway great trip, weather great and looking forward to today and tomorrow. Chloe.L xx


Hello πŸ™‚ The ferry trip was really fun, and it was a nice trip to Belgium, I am looking forward to the rest of the trip to the battlefields. Sophie xxx


Hi! I enjoyed the ferry ( don’t listen to chloe ). So far I’ve enjoyed the scenery on the way to the Somme on the bus and look forward to the rest of the stops. Having lots of fun and the weather is great, so far. πŸ˜‰ Georgie R


Hello! I have really enjoyed the trip so far and the ferry was great! The talk about the Somme was very interesting because I learnt lots of new things that I didn’t know before. Belgium and France are very pretty and the weather is good! Hannah


Hello, the ferry was amazing (my first time on a boat) but made me feel sick…and I had coffee from costa and it was so nice. We are just arriving at the somme, we have been on the coach for 2hours now-.- oh well,hope I will get to see my great great grandads grave too. It was fun sitting next to Max Adams on the coach. Love from Carla πŸ™‚


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