Day 6 – Last Word

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Firstly can I thank everyone who had contributed to this blog, and all of you who have taken the time to read and comment on it. I have been hugely impressed by what the students have written and fascinated by their reactions to each new day. This has been a truly eye opening trip. Who would have imagined just a week ago what would be in store for us. Each day has brought new delights and surprises. The stunning variation of the landscape, from baking desert to snow capped mountains. The sweltering heat of the Tucson plain to the cool mountain air of Flagstaff's 7000ft plateau. The friendliness of the Arizona locals and their willingness to share their history with us, from Rock Art Ranch to the Navajo Nation?? we have met some extraordinary people.

It is difficult to define my favourite part of this trip, as you have seen, there have been so many memorable moments. However, whether sitting in the quiet solitude of Canyon de Chelly, marvelling at Anasazi ruins; battling with a stubborn horse and my inability to actually kick it hard enough (had visions of my disappearing off into the sunset at full gallop); or the privilege of watching Dine dancing and hearing their stories of the 4 worlds; the whole experience has been truly mind changing. The overriding theme however has been one of friendship and good company. I think this is the memory which will last a lifetime.

All of this has not happened by chance and I need to thank Miss Devey, Katie at EA, Lesley our guide and our coach driver, Ed for making all of this work smoothly. Miss Devey has helped me to keep on top of counting and obsessive passport checking (s will s being a great support). Lesley had been fantastic and I am sure you have seen that the students (and staff) will miss her now she has flown back to Montana. Ed has also been brilliant, getting us everywhere safely and taking us to some spectacular places off the beaten track. Finally I would also like to thank all the students who have been a delight to spend the week with. They have been a credit to themselves and the school.

I have now rambled on too long so I will sign off by saying that I think we have all been truly bitten by the Western bug. Maybe Worster is correct when he talks of the unique western identity and how it is formed by the land, we all certainly feel changed by out experience. In any case I don't think it will be long before we saddle up and head back out. Watch out Arizona. Yee haw!

Mr F

  1. Belinda Goode says:

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the time, effort and good humour you have given to this amazing experience . Ben has had a wonderful time and I think the "school trip to Arizona" will be one of his defining memories. I am glad you are all back safe and well- a feat in itself!Enjoy a well deserved few days off before Monday.Belinda