Day 4 AM – St Michaels School and Window Rock

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This morning we had the exciting opportunity to visit a Navajo school named St Micheal's which is the oldest running school in the Navajo nation; founded in 1902. We were guided round the school by Brother Charles who taught us the background of the school, like how it was set up by Mother Katharine Drexel to educate Native Americans and Black Americans after the slave trade was abolished but education rights were still poor. Brother Charles showed us the kindergartens (receptions) where they sang us a song about pumpkins which was super cute. We then observed a history class in which the students were learning about the industrial revolution. We also went into an english class where they were studying Macbeth and one of the students spoke in the Navajo language to us after Callum read an extract from Macbeth to the class. After our trip to the school, we went to Window Rock, which is a significant landscape in the captial of Navajoland. We took photos and bought jewellery from a local Native. Whilst at Window Rock we also saw a statue comperating the Navajo code talkers from world war two as well as the Navajo equvilant of the White House.



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