Day 4 AM – Canyon de Chelly

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After we visited Window Rock it was now time to visit firstly Canyon de Muerto and then Canyon de Chelly.  As soon as the first canyon came into view we all started to take pictures in rapid succession.  But the best views were to be seen once off the bus and boy were they good.  The huge drop just inches in front of us made the experience feel ever more surreal, so much so that we struggled to find words to describe it.  In this particular canyon were the ancient remains of a native settlement  built into the side of it which looked tiny from the viewpoint.  After we had enjoyed the views and taken some fantastic photos it was time to visit the Canyon de Chelly which we viewed from several different points along it.  Once again awesome sights greeted us and we could see another small remnant of ancient native settlement.  What is especially exciting was the fact that these canyons are much smaller than the much larger Grand Canyon which we are looking forward to visiting tomorrow.  A simply amazing day.



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